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Quality Assurance & Service Commitment


◆ All the products conform to international and national standards, mechanical industry standard and corporate standard to meet contracted quality requirement. All the products, new and unused, are made according to “GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System”. From raw material to finished-products, we perform strict and complete inspection.

◆ All the products perform “Three Guarantees” service (for repair replacement or compensation of faulty products) according to related state regulations, with one-year date of expiry. Provided that the users use and store the motor according to Users’ Manual, we guarantee that our motors can run normally within one-year period of use or within two years as of date of shipment. If the motor is damaged or can’t work normally due to poor manufacturing quality within specified time, the company will repair or replace parts or motor for our users freely.
◆ For motor failure due to the user (e.g.: exceeding nominal voltage ±5% or overload operation) causing the burning of motor; three-phase supply line failure causing the burning of one-phase or two-phase winding of stator winding, equipment failure caused by the failure to follow Users’ Manual in installation, use and maintenance, the failure caused by the users’ disassembling, repairing motor by their own and other motor failures beyond “Three Guarantees", the company will provide high-quality paid repair and maintenance service. Service fee is charged appropriately, and quick-wear parts and spare parts are supplied at cost price.
◆ Upon the receipt of the notice on suspected quality problems, we will make a definite reply at once. If needed, our service staff will arrive at the site within 24 hours for less than 500 km, 48 hours for less than 500-1000 km, and 72 hours for more than 1000 km (excluding Force Majeure). For special remote areas, the date arriving at the site shall be negotiated with the users.




● Motor failure caused by the failure to follow the Users’ Manual in installation and use, or caused by exceeding product technical specification standard, or caused by Force Majeure are beyond the range of “Three Guarantees”.
● The user will arrange spare motor at key positions or equipment in the process of production, which avoids the interruption of production caused by motor failure under the accidental conditions. Spreading, extensional and indirect loss caused by our motor’s failure is beyond the range of compensation or service.