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The introduction of a number of policies for the rapid development of the high efficiency motor Market

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In recent years, although the development of high efficiency motor and the international level of the basic remain synchronized, technological progress is very optimistic. But because of the price than ordinary motor higher 10-30%, resulting in ie3 production of high-efficiency motors most of them for export. In the seldom used, the existing stock of domestic motor, motor proportion of less than 5%. It is not hard to see that China has a huge challenge in the application of high efficiency motor.
Industrial field motor power consumption accounted for about 75% of total industrial electricity, motor energy saving has become the key to energy-saving industrial. With the dual pressure of energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection, the energy saving equipment represented by high efficiency motor is concerned in the market.. High efficiency motor adopts new motor design, new technology and new material. By reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, heat energy and mechanical energy, the output efficiency can be improved.. Compared with common standard motor, the efficiency can be improved by 4%. Is the life cycle of the motor actually initial purchase, installation and during maintenance costs accounted for only the full cost of 2.70% or so, and required to run about electricity 97.30%, so the choice of high efficiency motors can save a lot of electricity, long term more in line with the motor to the user's interests.
  In 2008, the motor system energy saving was included in the national ten energy saving projects, and in 2009, the high efficiency and ultra efficiency motor application was included in the project.. And early last year, has introduced the national motor efficiency improvement plan ", the plan referred to: 2015 China realize motor product upgrading, 50% of low-voltage three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor, 40% of the high-voltage motor products reached, motor energy efficiency standards; accumulated to promote efficient motor 1.7 million kilowatts, eliminated in inefficient motors 1.6 million kilowatts, the implementation of a 1 million kilowatts of electrical system, energy-saving technological transformation, implementation of the elimination of motor, remanufacturing 20 million kilowatts. Is expected in 2015 when the electricity saving 80000000000 kwh, equivalent to energy-saving 26000000 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions of 68000000 tons. The Department of energy saving and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of national industry and industry announced that it will officially implement the motor energy efficiency enhancement plan nationwide. The plan intends to use 3 years to upgrade the national motor energy efficiency, and promote the motor industry transformation and upgrading. Over 10000000 kwh of electricity consumption of more than 3 kwh of industrial enterprises will be the focus of the plan to implement the object. According to the estimate, the plan will drive the high efficiency of the motor and related equipment needs of nearly 100 billion yuan. With the promotion of the motor energy efficiency enhancement plan, the market demand of the high efficiency motor will gradually release and increase year by year.