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Forecast of the future development trend of the motor industry in China

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According to the Chinese industry insight into the network to understand, the small motor manufacturing industry to scale, standardization and automation direction development, and large and medium-sized motor manufacturing industry but to single unit capacity is increasing, requirements specialization, diversification, customized direction. At the same time, the energy efficiency is also the development of the whole industry.
  (1) the resources are concentrated at the edge of the enterprise, and the technical level decides the profit level and the number of competitors
  From the whole motor industry, the average profit level is "U" - shaped distribution, the number of competitors is inverted "U" - shaped distribution.
  At present, the motor industry has a high degree of marketization, the number of motor enterprises is numerous, the entire industry is integrated, the process of optimizing the transformation process. Micro motor, large motor (including some special motors) due to high technical difficulty, the initial investment is big, the technical threshold is higher, in the "U" type curve is the most high-end, the higher the average profit level, less the number of competitors; small power motor, small to medium sized motor in the middle of the "U" type curve, the more the number of competitors, the average profit level is low.
  (2) the capacity of the product is increasing continuously
  With the modernization of the industrial production scale gradually increased, and matching production equipment is toward integration, large scale, the scale of the direction of development, drag the large machinery and equipment of the motor power becomes more and more large, high voltage, large capacity, high performance motor become most important direction. For the mill, traction auxiliary power plant, blast furnace blower, railway, rail transportation, ship power, irrigation pumps and other transmission use of large AC and DC motor, single capacity continues to expand varieties will continue to increase. This has also prompted the motor manufacturers have to the high-voltage and medium-sized motor industry to move closer, in order to improve their competitiveness.
  (3) specialization, specialization and personalization
  With the continuous development of motor industry, the connotation and extension of motor products continue to expand, motor products widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, coal, mining, building materials, paper, municipal, water conservancy, shipbuilding, port handling and so on. The versatility of the motor is gradually developing towards the special direction. Breaking the same motor used in different load types and using different occasions. Motor forward specificity, specificity, personalized direction of development. Many domestic enterprises also to specialized enterprises in transition, such as coal mine machinery factory, factory of explosion-proof motor, micro motor factory, and whether the enterprise has the non standardized customization ability to adapt is a measure of a firm's potential for future development.
  (4) efficient motor is promoted
  Introduction of high efficiency motor
  High efficiency motors by optimizing the electromagnetic and structure design, new materials and new equipment and improve the manufacturing process, reduce the motor copper, iron, spurious and mechanical loss and improve energy conversion in the process of utilization level.
  Significance of application of high efficiency motor
  From the efficiency of electric power resources, improve the economic benefits and environment of the protection of enterprises, the application of high efficiency motor is very promising.. Motors are widely used in the production and life of residents. According to statistics, in 2010, China's motor annual consumption of about 2 kwh, accounting for 80% of the total national electricity consumption and 60% of industrial electricity consumption. But the energy saving motor market share is less than 3%, the overall operating efficiency of the motor system is about 20% lower than that of the developed countries. General motors are widely used at the same time also cost a lot of resources, according to estimates, if the in the replacement of ordinary motor, motor, so that the overall efficiency of the system is improved by 3 to 5 percent, at least annually save 600 million kilowatts, close to the generating capacity of the Three Gorges power plants throughout the year, can form annual energy-saving capacity of 25 million tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 5000 million tons, according to 0.6 yuan / kWh estimation, electricity can be saved every year 360 billion yuan. In the entire life cycle of the motor, the initial purchase, installation and maintenance costs accounted for only about 2.70% of the total cost, while the electricity required for operation accounted for about 97.30%. Choose efficient motor to save electricity, for a long time to meet the interests of the motor using the enterprise.
  China has become the world's largest energy consuming country, in October 2010, the Chinese government in Copenhagen commitments: to 2020, the Chinese unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions than in 2005 drop 40% to 45%. Twelve five plan clearly, in the twelfth five year period, the unit GDP energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 16% and 17%. In order to improve the energy efficiency, we must adopt effective measures in the energy production, energy transmission and energy consumption of the three links.. Electricity consumption accounted for the total energy consumption more than 50%, and the motor power consumption accounted for the whole society with more than 50% of the electricity. Therefore, increase the energy efficiency of the motor will be essential to China's energy-saving emission reduction policies in an important part of.
Status quo and future development of energy saving motor
  At present, the energy saving motor due to the purchase price is relatively expensive, the promotion of late and other reasons, the popularization rate is lower in China, the promotion effect is lower than expected. However, due to the government in recent years, the government has formulated a subsidy efficient + prohibition of inefficient dual promotion policies, the energy efficient motor production and sales are constantly growing.
  Energy efficient motors and General Motors compared to consume more copper, aluminum, cold-rolled silicon steel raw materials, production cost is high, with the specifications of the high efficiency and energy saving motor per kilowatt market price (excluding government subsidies) than ordinary motor higher about 10% to 30%. Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, our country energy efficient motor promotion work start
  (5) the DC motor is being replaced by the professional development and will not be replaced by the AC motor speed motor
DC motor is a motor which can convert DC power and mechanical energy to one another.. Large and medium-sized DC to facilitate the motor, low input without timing properties is the existence of absolute advantage, mainly used for driving metal metallurgy industry of the coarse, fine main rolling mill, flying shear machine, rolling machine, reducing mill, a clamping feeding roller, a coiling machine and decoiler etc., mining industry of the hoist, the hanging type hoist, shipbuilding industry of the main propulsion, side thrusters, fire protection equipment. In some areas, the DC motor is replaced by the relatively convenient AC motor speed motor, and the application scope is reduced.. Although AC variable frequency motor speed control technology can replace the DC motor, but large and medium-sized DC motor after a long-term development, accumulated rich operation and maintenance experience, speaking from the power source and the motor of the price system, but also significantly lower than the need to be equipped with expensive inverter AC frequency conversion adjustable speed motor. Taking into account the AC variable frequency motor speed control in a certain range and operation system of technical and economic reasonableness of problems, some operational requirements and running environment is also inseparable from the DC motor. In a long period of time, DC motor also has the development of space, will not be AC variable frequency motor to replace the full replacement.
  DC motor current development trend is to actively adopt new technology, new structure, new materials, new technology, overcome the thyristor rectifier power supply of motor caused by commutation, insulation, noise and vibration of new problems. At the same time, in the field of DC motor advantage, large DC motor will be professional, non-standard customized direction.